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Ever since the first day and moment I handed a Tangle to a person at a trade show and saw the smile and positive reaction to playing with my invention, I have never stopped creating and innovating. By witnessing the magic intrinsic to touching and fidgeting with a Tangle, this inspired me to become ONE with The Tangle.

Originally created as a unique, one of a kind wood sculpture, I decided to mass-produce Tangle, "so that anyone and everyone could experience the creative process". Since then, Tangle has metamorphosed into a multitude of products - more than I could ever have planned or conceived: a movable sculpture, a fidget, a Brain Tool, a Therapy Device (with FDA approval), a model for the universe (quantum entanglement and string theory), a mathematical model (knot theory), a protein model, wearable jewelry, furniture (Infinite Chair and Tables), and last but not least, a symbol for Infinity (like the Mobius Strip).

Now in our 39th year, it has been and will continue to be my goal that every Man, Woman, and Child on this planet experience the joy of the creative process!

- Richard X Zawitz

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