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What is a curve one might ask? and why the ism? 

Definition Curve- /KERV/ noun.. a line or outline that gradually deviates from being straight for some or all of its length. ( note: there are over 10 dictionary definitions of curve) 

Definition- ism. /IZEM/ noun.. a distinctive practice system or philosophy typically a political ideology or an artistic movement 

This exhibition is curated according to this artist’s dedication to creative energy, made manifest through polydimensional forms that very specially are compound curves (curves on two separate axis’).
The anthropomorphic embodiments in my sculptures are my “Curve Figure” inventions. We all know “stick figures”, I have invented “curve figures” like Infinite Man, Infinite Woman and Infinite Child you will see in this exhibition. 

The utilization of the term CURVISM* is intended to embody an artistic statement, and an artistic movement this artist his avowedly espoused for many years. 

Look around the next time you visit a gallery, an exhibition in a museum or installation you will discover a predominance of curving forms, be they in painting, sculpture, dance and other forms in the visual and performing arts. 

Through my early teachings in Taoism, Tantra, Zen, and with masters discovered “ essential energy forms “ I have since named these energy forms "Tangle Particles” ,these particles are basic to this planet and beyond in deep space. All of these particles have one thing in common, they either Curve, wave, spiral or encircle. On the terrestrial level these particles can be found in the smallest quantum level and grandest cosmic planes. Parallel to the discovery of essential energy forms, I discovered these same forms were made manifest in the cultures on this planet in the arts and crafts from the beginning of time until the present. (the first etched symbols found in caves attributed to humans were spirals and waves) 

The human brain likes curves. Curves are embedded in our DNA.
According to conventionally understood physics, there are no straight lines in nature. 

Feng Shui espouses that straight lines emit negative energy (sha) and curving, waving, spiraling lines emit positive energy (chi). Curves verily embody and symbolize Infinity... a curve mathematically is Infinite. A compound curve is 2 X Infinity. 

For this artist, nothing surpasses the embodiment of Infinity better than Creativity. After all is said and done, we the thinking monkey and not our simian cousins can recognize Infinity. Go ahead, ask any monkey you have ever met...” what is Infinity?” bet you won’t get an answer. 

Thus it is we humans, with our vast imaginations, are the genuine source and conveyors of Infinite Creativity. 

Wonderful Hong Kong has contributed a great deal to my furtherance of CURVISM in polydimensional forms. The pervasive Feng Shui energy and cultural stimuli never cease to inspire this artist. One cannot help but be swept into the myriad of Creative Vortexes abounding here. 

This artist for one believes in staying ahead of the curve, or minimally being somewhere, on, around or in the curve or groove. 

March 24,

Richard X Zawitz

The Infinity and Tangle series, which provide the core of Zawitz’ inventive oeuvre, are composed through a sequence of pivoting 90-degree tangent angles. These works can be manipulated into an infinite array of shapes from the abstract to suggestively anthropomorphic.

Articulated through an artistic movement that Zawitz has termed Curvism, the Tangle is an opportunity to physically engage with infinity via material form. Inspired by ancient design principles like those underlying the Tibetan Knot, Shodō calligraphy, vortex energy, and natural phenomena, Curvism is both innovative and profoundly familiar. Experientially, it is much more than a series of connected angles or curves. It describes our DNA, the undulating movement of waves, the great spiraling galaxies, and our ever-expanding universe. By expressing a state of constant approach, it portrays an epistemology free from limitations of linear time and space. His recent Infinity works merge futurism with mythology; scientific innovation with alchemy; and quantum physics with the language of archetypal symbolism.





MARCH, 2019


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